Biscotti Pet Bed (Small) Natural Natural


Your pet needs safe environment, balanced nutrition and, last but not least, comfortable crib to lay down. To fulfil that purpose Nagarey come up with Biscotti Pet Bed. Biscotti Pet Bed provide your pet stylish favourite spot and maximum comfort when sleeping. The natural-coloured rattan frame will even fill your space with style. #SRI691-NT
Cushion is included
Length of Cat Doll is 42 cm 
Dimensions :
72 x 60 x 34 cm
Materials :
Rattan, Synthetic Weaving

Delivery Information

: 10 - 14 Days

Jawa & Bali
: 14 - 21 Days

Outside Jawa-Bali
: Ranging from 14 Days to 4 Weeks

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