Icelandic Sheepskins Grey Volcano Grey


Pure Icelandic Sheepskin - Grey The Icelandic sheep is a robust breed that is born and lives freely in the nature. The wool's unusual character is the result of centuries of adaptation to the harsh Icelandic climate. Icelandic sheepskin is distinguished by two things, the unusually long hair and the varying natural colors. 
The Icelandic sheep wool is composed of two types of hair, guard hairs and undercoat. Top coat is long, between 15 and 25 cm, and is a little rough in it. Undercoat is short, soft and elastic. These two types of hair together, gives the skin a special and beautiful appearance. #DA-YOG320-VG1602
Dimensions (cm) :
L 110-130 x W 70-90
Materials :
Icelandic Sheep Treated in France

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