Karpet Kulit Sapi Large Brown & White 13567 Brown & White


Dimensions :
231 x 207 cm
Material :
Argentinian Calf Skin
All of our cowhide rugs are sourced from Argentina : which recognized worldwide for their soft and shiny coat, minimal patching, and shapes that are intact and appropriately curved. Our hides are without holes, will not curl, and have minimal sores, patches or branding. Every cowhide rug is a unique piece and although hides can be extremely similar, no two hides exactly alike. Our cowhides will add character and a look of completion to your space #CH-08029362200-13567-0221

Delivery Information

: 7 - 12 Days

Jawa & Bali
: 12 - 21 Days

Outside Jawa-Bali
: Ranging from 14 Days to 4 Weeks

If your destination is not available for selection, kindly email us at hello@nagarey.com for special arrangement

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