Monstera Hiasan Dinding White 122 x 85 White Gold


Dimension : 
122 x 7 x 85 cm
Materials : 
Iron Rod, Iron Sheet
No need the trouble of creating dried plant specimen, or growing one with tender and loving care to enjoy a refreshing sight of Monstera plants. Our exclusive Monstera Wall Decor will fill in that spot effortlessly. Featuring various leaf shapes and sizes from iron sheets, this chic wall decor still has the same fresh looks but with more rustic accent. Works great as a wall centrepiece in most of your spaces. #DEC193-WHGD-0820

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: 7 - 12 Days

Jawa & Bali
: 12 - 21 Days

Outside Jawa-Bali
: Ranging from 14 Days to 4 Weeks

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