Mission Statement

Creation of a good living & beautiful spaces is our core value. Based on everyday simplicity and functionality, we create an affordable, fine craftmanship, & naturally sourced products.
Every single products are rooted in appreciation: raw materials, the space & the user, the artisan who made it & the designers who designed it.
Furthermore, we take pride in exploring unconventional natural materials and turn it into a beautiful furnishing and pieces.

Our Export History

With a span of 28 years we have been exporting our product all over the world with the EU as the main destination; from retailers to conceptual importers.
Lately our portfolio has expanded to global co-working space, boutique hotel group, restaurant groups in Indonesia & overseas.
For overseas inquiry please reach us at:
[email protected]


We sourced sustainable natural material & undesired/unused production waste which usually rarley been used in production of bulk furnitures. Branch, roots, reclaimed woods, seagrass, etc are some of materials that we have been using in our product line up